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Forest Pansy Redbud

The Forest Pansy Redbud is one of the most spectacular flowering trees you’ll find. In early spring, it bursts to life with bright shades of purple and red, slowly changing to a lush green in summer. Then, in fall, the colors return, this time in the form of fiery yellow and orange hues.

One of the most popular cultivars of Redbud, the Forest Pansy grows up to 30 feet tall. That’s relatively short for a tree, which means it’s very versatile in landscape design. Forest Pansy goes well with Hydrangea, Witch Hazel and Holly, just to name a few of its common pairings. It requires regular watering during the first growing season, after which you can let it go a little longer between waterings. Forest Pansy is best planted in full or at least partial sun.

Did You Know?
If you take a close look at Forest Pansy leaves, you’ll notice they’re heart-shaped.

Other Fun Facts About Forest Pansy Redbud

  • Redbud flowers grow directly from the tree’s trunk, a phenomenon called cauliflory.
  • Some Redbud flowers are edible and used in salads. They are described as sweet and slightly acidic.
  • Red dye can be made from Redbud roots.
  • Redbud was one of George Washington’s favorite trees; he even wrote about them in his diary.

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