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fat albert

Fat Albert Blue Spruce

One look at its short, wide stature, and you can begin to visualize how the “Fat Albert” spruce got its name. This Colorado blue spruce has the same shape as the iconic cartoon character, its pyramidal form perhaps making for the perfect Christmas tree.

Fat Albert spruce goes by the scientific name, Picea pungens, and belongs to the Pinaceae family. It is a non-flowering, needled evergreen that prefers full sun. It’s also drought-tolerant. Plant a Fat Albert spruce tree for year-round interest, especially in winter, when green is much-needed.

Did You Know?
Fat Albert blue spruce can grow up to 15 feet tall—albeit slowly, over the course of a decade.

Other Fun Facts About Fat Albert Blue Spruce

  • Fat Albert blue spruce’s needles are truly blue, with a silver tint.
  • This spruce is a dwarf version of the larger Colorado spruce, which can grow up to 100 feet tall in the Rocky Mountains.
  • The Rockies are the only region to which blue spruce is native.
  • The blue spruce is the official state tree of Utah.

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