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dragon lady holly

Dragon Lady Holly

Dragon Lady holly could very well be the best-named plant around. Evergreen, elegant and easy to care for, this shrub can be used in virtually any landscape. Growing to approximately 15 feet tall by 6 feet wide, Dragon Lady holly is one of the slimmer trees you’ll find.

When planted in full sun to partial shade, Dragon Lady holly can thrive in virtually any type of soil—as long as it’s not soggy. It will grow a little less than a foot per year, giving you plenty of time to enjoy and account for its upbringing in your garden or yard. Dragon Lady holly has year-round interest, highlighted by bright red berries and glossy green foliage in winter, when you need color the most.

Did You Know?
Dragon Lady holly is a hybrid cross between English holly and Perny holly.

Other Fun Facts About Dragon Lady Holly

  • Dragon Lady holly is deer resistant.
  • The tree’s berries attract birds and other wildlife.
  • Tiny white flowers give Dragon Lady a subtle touch of summer fun.

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