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Flashy, subtle and sentimental all at once, the flowering dogwood is one of New Jersey’s most beloved trees. Dogwoods are a popular choice among homeowners because they are deciduous and look great year-round – from bright white and pink flowers in spring, to lush leaves in summer, rustic red foliage in fall, and finally, what HGTV aptly describes as a “handsome skeleton with alligator skin-like bark in winter.”

Dogwood belongs to the Cornaceae family, native to the eastern third of the U.S. and northern Mexico. When planting dogwood, try to place it somewhere that won’t receive hours of blistering sun in summer. Dogwoods prefer partial shade, with moist but well-drained soil. They also love to be pruned in early spring, right after their flowers fall away. Need help? Contact High Tech Landscapes for more information on New Jersey tree service.

Did You Know?
Dogwood is the official memorial tree of New Jersey, where you’ll find it along many highways, monuments, parks and properties statewide.

Other Fun Facts About Dogwood

  • The word “dogwood” originates from “dagwood.” The tree’s hard wood was once used to make sharp tools, and is still used for many brawny items such as mallets, golf club heads and butcher’s blocks.
  • Dogwood trees can grow as tall as 30+ feet!
  • Dogwood is the state tree of Missouri, and the state flower of North Carolina.

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