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Burning Bush

Burning bush certainly earns its name. Even amongst the bright colors of fall, this fiery shrub is an absolute standout with its deep crimson hue.

Despite its controversial image—many consider it to be an invasive plant—burning bush’s aesthetic value is undeniable. It can also grow in just about any conditions (almost to a fault) with little to no maintenance. Nevertheless, you should try to give burning bush as much direct sunlight as possible to get the most of its fall display.

Did You Know?
In nature, burning bush can quickly overtake an entire area. For this reason, it is banned in several New England states. It’s much more controllable within the confines of a backyard or garden.

Other Fun Facts About Burning Bush

  • Burning bush usually grows 1-2 feet per year until it reaches its maximum height of approximately 15 feet.
  • In addition to its foliage, burning bush bears orange berries in the fall. Don’t eat them, though, as they are suspected to be poisonous. Meanwhile, the roots may be medicinal.
  • Burning bush shrubs can spread by roots or by air.

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