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blue star juniper

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star juniper is a needled evergreen shrub with a distinct blue-metallic hue. Growing primarily outward as opposed to upward, this dense plant prefers full sun and dry soil. It requires minimal care, especially when planted with ample space all around. Prune as desired.

Did You Know?
Blue Star juniper contrasts nicely with rocks and other hardscaping features. You can also use Blue Star juniper for ground cover, poolscaping and bordering.

Other Fun Facts About Blue Star Juniper

  • Blue Star juniper can grow up to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
  • From above, Blue Star juniper’s needles can give the illusion of snowflakes or stars.
  • Blue Star juniper should be watered deeply and regularly during the first year in order to become established, after which it will need very little watering.
  • The shrub is native to China and the Himalayas, where it grows at high altitudes.

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