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Blue Point Juniper

Whether as a wind screen, privacy border or accent, a Blue Point juniper tree makes a majestic addition to any landscape. Blue Point junipers can grow as tall as 14 feet, with a pyramidal shape and dense, glossy, blue-green foliage.

Plant Blue Point juniper in full sun to partial shade, and well-drained soil. Through the first year of growth, you’ll want to water this evergreen about twice a week. You can then drop down to once a week—and later, only during a drought—as the plant continues to grow a foot or more per year. Also, be sure to give a Blue Point juniper at least 4 feet of space to grow outward.

Did You Know?
Blue Point juniper makes the perfect outdoor Christmas tree in a front yard!

Other Fun Facts About Blue Point Juniper

  • Blue Point juniper is generally deer- and insect-resistant.
  • A Blue Point juniper can be creatively pruned into spirals for a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Otherwise, pruning is not entirely necessary.
  • Blue Point juniper is a form of Chinese juniper found commonly throughout Asia.
  • Many species of juniper trees, including Blue Point, can survive temperatures as low as -30 degrees F.

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