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Birdsnest Spruce

While many spruces stand tall and triangular, the birdsnest spruce is unique for its flat, round stature. It is essentially a mound of bright green foliage that grows out instead of up.

Perhaps the best quality of this dwarf cultivar is that its foliage remains lush year-round, with minimal maintenance required. Its low, slow growth means pruning is rarely necessary, making it an ideal ground cover around your home or garden. Plant birdsnest spruce in full sunlight if possible and water weekly. You will be rewarded with the simplicity of a shrub and the beauty of a spruce.

Did You Know?
Birdsnest spruce grows both male and female flowers on the same plant (monoecious species).

Other Fun Facts About Birdsnest Spruce

  • Birdsnest spruce is rarely impacted by diseases, pests or deer.
  • The scientific name for birdsnest spruce is Picea abies‘Nidiformis.’
  • Birdsnest is one of at least 35 species of spruce.

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