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know your plants Andromeda


With a light, sweet fragrance and showy spring bloom, andromeda is a no-brainer for any home gardener seeking year-round interest. This evergreen shrub bursts to life in spring and summer, holding its flower buds even through winter. Andromeda belongs to the Ericaceae family and has many different cultivars. When planting andromeda, be sure to use acidic, well-drained soil so it can thrive for years to come. If possible, choose a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade – andromeda can be a bit finicky!

Did You Know?
Andromeda is deer-resistant, making it a great choice for suburban and rural New Jersey homeowners.

Other Fun Facts About Andromeda

  • Andromeda is native to Japan, Taiwan and eastern China, where it grows in thickets on mountainsides.
  • Andromeda is often used as a foundation plant due to its hardiness and deep green foliage.
  • The winter flower buds of andromeda add a nice touch of red to a snowy landscape.

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