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There are believed to be up to 1,250 species of allium, the genus of ornamental onion found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Known for its spherical bulbs that burst to life in spring and summer, allium belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and Allioideae sub-family.

Plant alliums during fall, in partial shade, for beautiful colors when the blooming season arrives. Allium holds a faint garlic or onion scent, and in most species, both the bulbs and leaves are edible.

Did You Know?
In Ancient Egypt, the allium bulb was seen as a symbol of the universe.

Other Fun Facts About Allium

  • There is a species of allium that grows on and is named for Mount Everest.
  • Alliums are very low-maintenance and attract very few pests.
  • Alliums can grow up to 8 feet tall.

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