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December 1, 2021

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Landscape: 2022 Edition

The start of a new year is naturally the perfect time to look at potential upgrades for your outdoor space—and not just because the new year brings new beginnings. Winter is when you want to plan for spring so you can be first to enjoy the warm weather. Plus, you’re probably looking for ways to pass the cold, gloomy days of winter.

What do you want your landscape to look like in 2022? Here are a few new year’s resolutions to consider:

Grow Your Own Greens

They don’t call New Jersey the Garden State for nothing. NJ has fertile land, pronounced growing seasons and optimal conditions for agriculture. Even a small outdoor space can make for a bountiful home vegetable garden. Planting ahead now puts you in store for summer tomatoes, bell peppers, squash and other Garden State favorites. Choose your veggies and plant them right outside your kitchen. You’ll save money on produce and experience the joy of harvesting your own food.

See the Light

Landscape lighting makes the area around your home safer, and it can also make your home prettier when you work with a professional landscape designer like High Tech to select sophisticated options that speak to your style. Each and every night, and especially during the shorter days, your home can shine with serious curb appeal. You might even inspire your neighbors to elevate their outdoor lighting and make the neighborhood more gorgeous together.

Plant with Purpose

You spend time, money and energy to make the inside of your house feel like home. Bring some of that investment outside, and you’ll find yourself embracing everything there is to love about outdoor living. They key is to see landscape design through the lens of comfort and convenience. For example, you might plant a tree for shade, grow a row of border shrubs for privacy, or choose certain plants to attract birds, butterflies and other lovely wildlife.

Paint with Nature

While planting with purpose, you can also embrace the idea of painting with nature. By that, we mean bringing bright pops of color to your landscape. Our Know Your Plants database is a helpful tool for you to mix and match different plants based on their beautiful blossoms and seasonal appeal. Browse annuals, perennials, evergreens and more, with pictures, descriptions, fun facts and simple tips for dozens of home gardening staples.

Host in Style

At the end of the day, a rewarding landscape is one where you can spend quality time with loved ones throughout the year. From Memorial Day through Labor Day and all those summer weekends in between, you’ll enjoy your outdoor investments and appreciate the simplicity of hosting in your own backyard oasis. Then, you’ll turn the corner once again into fall and the holidays.

Ready to upgrade your landscape for 2022? So are we! Learn more about our NJ residential landscaping services and get started today.

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