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December 1, 2018

Make Your Landscaping Wish List

Who said adults can’t make a wish list for the holidays? Homeowners have plenty to wish for, especially when it comes to landscaping. So, go ahead and envision your dream landscape. Here’s some help to get you started:

Charming Walkways and Lighting
Hardscaping and lighting go hand in hand, creating a unique experience and ambiance. Not only that, they also pair to provide the functional benefit of guiding you and your visitors to a destination for relaxation, whether it’s a small patio or a sprawling lawn.

Outdoor Space
There is a big difference between having a slab of concrete for a patio and investing in a backyard oasis designed and built by a landscape architect. Remember, any money you put into your landscaping will add value to your home, all while you and your family bask in your own private outdoor space.

Summer Cookout Corner
Calling all kings of the grill: An outdoor kitchen will take your summer up a notch. Invite all your friends and have a classic cookout, without having to make trips back inside for dishes and supplies. Can someone please pass the ketchup?

Pool with a View
If you own a pool, your focus is likely on maintaining the pool itself—but don’t forget about the scenery that surrounds it. Thoughtful placement of trees, shrubs and stone work can add a visual dimension to the bliss of laying poolside.

Water and Fire Features
Does your landscape feel like it’s missing something? That “something” might be the element of motion. Look to a water feature such as a fountain to bring the subtle satisfaction of movement. Meanwhile, a fire pit can bring warmth to the colder nights in fall and winter. Not sure which to choose? Ask for both! This is your wish list, after all.

Flowers and Foliage
Let’s not forget what your landscape is really made of: natural beauty. Most homeowners wish for a helping hand to take care of the lawn and garden year-round. Why attend to irrigation maintenance, fertilization, planting and so on, when you can focus on family time and the creative DIY projects you enjoy most?

It Can All Come True
Take a moment to complete your landscaping wish list, including anything we might have missed. Then, contact High Tech Landscapes. With complete residential and design-build services for homeowners across NJ, we’re kind of like the Santa Claus of landscaping. Call us at 732-564-7132 to speak with one of our experts about bringing your vision to life.

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