What landscape personality are you?

Whether it’s a cozy garden, manicured lawn, sprawling backyard, luxurious poolscape or all of the above, High Tech can turn your landscape into a beautiful outdoor space that you and your loved ones will enjoy year-round (yes, even in winter).

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Simplistic, Yet Stylish

“Give my space a facelift with the essentials.”

  • Standard curb appeal
  • Privacy (plants)
  • Safety (walkways and lighting)
  • Entertainment (basic hardscaping)
  • Efficiency/Transitions (walkways)
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Custom and Classy

“Make my space truly unique and inviting.”

  • High End Plants
  • Pops of Color
  • Moderate Custom Design
  • Ambiance Lighting
  • Conversation Starters (fire pit, decorative accents, etc.)
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Invested in Luxury

“I want the ultimate outdoor space so I can lounge and host fabulously.”

  • Complete Custom Design
  • Top-Quality Plants
  • Custom Walkways, Paths, Patio, etc.
  • Ambiance Lighting
  • Outdoor Kitchen Entertainment Space