October 8, 2019

Great Landscaping Ideas To Really Make Your Halloween Decorations Stand Out

Last year, over 175 million Americans planned on celebrating Halloween. Both kids and adults partake in the festivities, and many people go all out decorating their yards.

Pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns are classic, but they’re not the only Halloween decoration out there. Delight trick-or-treaters and be the talk of the neighborhood by planning your decorations around your landscaping this year.

Here are some festive Halloween decorations for the lawn and the best landscaping ideas to enhance them.

In the Garden
Many people neglect the garden when decorating for the holidays, but there’s so much you can do for Halloween here.

Planting fall flowers in autumn colors will make your decorations pop. Hardy flowers that can stand the chilly night air do best. Marigolds grow in zones 2-11 and look great in fall colors like yellow or orange.

Planning for an early hard frost? Turn the garden into a themed area instead.

Create a Mini Cemetery
Buy or make a cheap fence to go around your garden area making it look like a small cemetery.

If you’re crafty, you can make this yourself out of PVC or wood. But if you’d rather buy your decoration, you can find small interlocking fence pieces at a dollar store. It’s the perfect size for a small garden.

After you have the fence, place plastic or foam tombstones here and there in the ground. For extra effect, you can have zombies crawling out of your garden.

Around the Fire Pit
The fire pit is the perfect gathering spot for chilly fall nights and it also makes a great Halloween prop.

Place skeletons in chairs around the fire pit to make it look like they’re roasting marshmallows.

If you want something scarier, buy fireplace logs that look like human skulls. These terrifying decorations are perfect for creating Halloween ambiance.

In the Front Yard
When trick-or-treaters come around, they almost always use the front door. This means your front yard is the most important decorating space. It also may be your largest space, giving you more creative freedom.

When it comes to landscaping, a well-placed tree is a perfect spot for hanging decorations. Trees tend to look a little spooky at this time of year with the changing colors. This makes them ideal backdrops to complement your decorations.

Another great landscaping addition is the burning bush which turns a stunning red, perfect for Halloween.

Get ready for the season using some of these decorations sure to cause both fright and delight.

Hanging Decorations from the Trees
Tree limbs aren’t only for tire swings. Hang a frightening phantom with a fishing line to make a floating ghost decoration.

You can also hang a few foam bats from the tree along with the ghost for extra effect. These are inexpensive, easy to make, and sure to delight kids.

Tired of the ghost theme and looking for something different? Create a massive spider web complete with a giant spider instead. It’s sure to draw attention to your lawn and looks even better besides a spooky tree.

Big and Glowing Eyes
Looking for a cute and quirky Halloween decoration? Consider placing a pair of giant eyeballs in your tree. You can make them with a pair of beach balls and a black marker.

Another great idea is to take one of the bushes in your yard and give it the creep factor. Cut eyes out of a paper towel or toilet paper rolls and then place glow sticks inside. At night, it looks like you have glowing eyes in your bushes.

Filling the Wheelbarrow
If you have a wheelbarrow in your garage why not use it as a prop? Fill the bottom of the wheelbarrow with hay and place giant candy corn decorations on top. Pumpkins in varying sizes also look great.

Place the wheelbarrow in your front yard or by the front porch. You can even place the candy dish out here if you don’t want kids ringing the doorbell.

Making a Yard Sign
Creating a directional yard sign might be one of the easiest lawn decorations to make for Halloween. Make one yourself out of scrap wood or buy a blank one and paint it.

On the signs, consider writing Halloween-themed names like cemetery, Salem, Sleepy Hollow, and Hogwarts. Place the sign next to your sidewalk, driveway, or beside some pavers for the best effect.

On the Porch
The porch is where most people place the candy bowl if they leave it outside. It’s also where trick-or-treaters go to ring the bell and get their candy. This makes it a great place for spooky decorations.

To accent your porch with landscaping, plant flowers in fall colors. You can also place pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns out front. Bushes and shrubs are also great places for string lights and decorations.

Prop Skeletons
If you have outdoor furniture on your porch, consider placing a skeleton or zombie prop. Make it scary or lifelike and it’s almost guaranteed to make people look twice.

Hanging Spider Nests
Why not use your front porch and hang decorations from the ceiling? Orange lights and wall decor looks great, but you can also take it a step further.

Make spider webs and spider nests out of fake webbing and hang it from the ceiling. Add a few plastic spiders for effect.

Light It Up
Sure, your landscaping looks great in the daytime, but what about after dark? The right landscape lighting makes all the difference, highlighting your home and yard.

The right lighting is also perfect for enhancing your Halloween decorations. Swap regular bulbs with black lights or orange bulbs. Light up your sidewalk so kids know where to walk with lighted pavers.

You can also make your decorations pop with special effects lighting like strobe lights. Combine them with a fog machine for extra ambiance.

Get Inspired with These Halloween Decorations and Landscaping Ideas
Halloween 2019 is right around the corner. Combine these decorations and fall landscaping ideas to make your yard pop. Whether you like your decorations scary or family-friendly, there are ideas on this list for everyone.

And remember, the end of Halloween doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying your yard.

Looking for more landscaping tips and ideas? Check out our design resources for every season to get the most out of your outdoor area.

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