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April 10, 2018

High Tech’s Gerard Marzocca Earns Four Advanced Snow Management Certificates

High Tech Landscapes is proud to congratulate its own Gerard Marzocca on completing four certificate tracks in the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) Advanced Snow Management (ASM) Program. Gerard is now one of only several certified ASM professionals in all of New Jersey! We are proud of Gerard and the enhancements he brings to High Tech Landscapes’ snow and ice management services.

Meet Gerard
Gerard is one of High Tech’s most versatile certified professionals, and the operations manager for our lawn, tree and shrub care affiliate, Integrated Plant Health Care Systems (IPHCS). Gerard joined High Tech with more than 15 years of industry experience prior. His responsibilities with IPHCS include scheduling, sales, client relations and quality control.

Gerard’s extensive knowledge enables him to bring a deep level of understanding and service for clients, and continuously raise the bar for the expectations homeowners and business owners should have when hiring a landscaping company. He has many certifications, the latest being with SIMA.

The ASM Program
The Advanced Snow Management Program contains 4 courses:

  • Core Principles
  • Plowing Operations
  • Sidewalk Operations
  • Ice Management

Certificates of training are issued to individuals meeting the program requirements, including passing the assessments for each course. Gerard received all four certifications and is now able to use the Advanced Snow Manager logo to represent his credential publicly. Again, he is one of the only ASMs in the entire Garden State.

Integrated Plant Health Care Systems (IPHCS)
IPHCS is a division of High Tech Landscapes led by Gerard and dedicated to ensuring the complete wellbeing of properties throughout New Jersey. Embracing environmentally friendly resources and natural care, IPHCS specialists aid in the prevention of plant diseases, insect infestations and other threats that can cause damage to lawns, trees and shrubs. We also provide specialty services including deer repellent, flea and tick control, core aeration, overseeding, soil analysis and pH balancing. To learn more, visit

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