July 01 2019
know your plants RedMapleTree

Red Maple

Red maple is every bit as red as you might imagine, from the leaves to the flowers and even the stems. Here’s how it works: Deep red foliage and red fruit in fall Red stems and red-tinged leaves in winter Red flowers in spring Still red in summer (if it’s a summer red maple tree) […]

October 01 2018
know your plants SangoKaku

Sango Kaku

Standing out among the fall foliage and subsequent winter drab is the Coral Bark Japanese Maple, known for its nearly-neon red bark color. Bright green leaves in spring and summer turn an equally brilliant yellow in fall, making for an extremely aesthetic contrast. Coral Park Japanese Maple is also known as Sango Kaku. We’ll tell […]

October 01 2018
paperbark maple

Paperbark Maple

The paperbark maple is one of the most graceful trees you will find. As it ages, its bark peels like paper—thus the name—to reveal fresh new bark. It’s as if the tree is forever young. Classified scientifically as Acer griseum, this medium-sized maple is native to China and began to gain popularity in North America […]

December 06 2017
japanese maples

Japanese Maple

Arguably fall’s most fiery foliage producer, the Japanese maple is known for its star-shaped leaves that turn from bright green in summer to even brighter red, orange and yellow in fall. If you have ever been to a Japanese garden, you have likely marveled at this tree’s stature. Japanese maple grows best in acidic soil […]

December 06 2017
know your plants OctoberGloryMaple

October Glory Maple

October Glory maple lives up to its name with bright orange and crimson leaves in mid to late fall. But, October isn’t the only time this tree is glorious – it boasts pretty red flowers in spring and lush green leaves in summer, bringing year-round appeal. Scientifically named Acer rubrum and more commonly referred to […]