September 01 2022

5 Reasons to Get a Fire Pit for Fall

Looking to create that fall feeling in your backyard? With the right landscape investments, the perfect fall getaway won’t be far away. One of those investments in particular is always a hot trending item each fall—the fire pit. If you’ve ever been to a fancy restaurant with offseason outdoor dining, you might have noticed how […]

July 05 2022

The Science of Summer Watering

Feeling thirsty on a hot summer day and only cold water will do? There’s a good chance your plants feel the same way. During other seasons, water may be more of a nice-to-have than a need-to-have for many plants, but in summer, you must be deliberate and even somewhat strategic—not just with your watering schedule, […]

March 01 2022

Top Reasons to Leave Spring Landscaping Cleanup to the Pros

DIY projects are part of the joy in being a homeowner—but sometimes it’s best to get professional home services. When it comes to spring cleanup in your yard and around the outside of your home, residential landscaping companies like High Tech get the job done quickly, efficiently and beautifully. Sure, you can rake your yard […]