November 05 2018

Common NJ Plant Diseases, Pests and How to Avoid Them

Plant diseases and pests can turn a lovely landscape into a battle zone. Instead of beautification, the focus turns to simply salvaging trees, shrubs, and your wallet. Oftentimes, an infection or infestation causes months of stress and heartache—which is why it’s so important to defend your landscape proactively rather than reactively. The first step is […]

May 08 2018
verical garden

10 Landscaping Trends for a Fabulous Garden

Just as interior design trends come and go, landscaping trends also move with the times. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or revitalize your yard, keeping up with this year’s trends will help you get the most out of your outdoors. Here are 10 of our favorite trends in landscape design to get […]