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August 8, 2019

Brilliant Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Want to Eat Outside

Do you dream of building an outdoor kitchen? Do you imagine your friends gathering for evening and weekend gatherings? Do you wonder about the cost?

Basic backyard kitchens cost between $2,000 and $10,000. Luxury outdoor kitchens cost about $50,000 to $100,000. You may want to think about your budget first.

The next step is to gather outdoor kitchen ideas. Continue reading to start the creative thoughts rolling.

Why Consider Building a Backyard Kitchen?
What makes a backyard kitchen appealing?

  • Great for entertaining
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Saves on cooling bills in the summertime
  • Keeps food smells, like onions, fish, and garlic outside
  • Makes more living space in your home
  • Grilling can increase the flavor of healthy food
  • Decrease the amount of money you spend on eating out

Do you like cooking out? How would you like to not only have a grill but a sink, cabinets and more?

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Think About
After exploring different ideas on your own, make a list of your favorite things. Then consider hiring a landscape designer to help make your dream come true. They have the expertise to suggest things you may not have considered and to tell you what won’t work.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Food and Drink Backyard Kitchen
Begin your food and drink backyard kitchen with a tropical style cabana with a thatched roof. Strategically place this cabana to create a natural flow between the garden or pool.

Your outdoor kitchen must have a full-service grill with warmer compartments. A wood frame back panel allows a place for grilling utensils. This should sit near the cabana to ease the flow of food and fun.

The cabana, made of wood frame, has a high counter across the front and halfway on the sides. Bar stools allow visitors to have a drink and chat with the host. Serving platters of food can sit on this counter.

The back of the cabana has a sink and cabinets to hold dishes, silverware, glasses, towels, and other kitchen items. The refrigerator is also on the back wall. A lower counter on the front half allows a place for food prep.

If you happen to enjoy craft beer, the cabana can include a wood-accented keezer with beer on tap. Share your creations with your guests. Also, include additional bar setups as desired.

The final touch for your backyard tropical adventure will include landscaping to connecting different parts of the backyard.

The Romantic Backyard Kitchen
Imagine the yard end of the kitchen with a stone fireplace. Large, square, soft-edged blue-gray paving stones fit together to make the floor. The kitchen is opposite the fireplace with a dining area between.

You walk up 3 steps to the round raised area with the fireplace. Stone benches sit between large planters of greenery. White string lights and lanterns create a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

A long wooden table and chairs sit between the fireplace and the kitchen. A white-painted pergola with thin asymmetric cross bars sits above the dining area. Black gas lamps on poles add a dancing glow.

The kitchen has stone counters and stacked stone accents. Bronze colored appliances blend with the natural stone feel of the kitchen. You will find a grill on one end of the kitchen with wooden storage underneath.

Blue-gray concrete countertops reflect the flooring. The countertop raises at each end of the kitchen appliance wall. One end features a cappuccino machine. The other has 2 raised iron bar stools.

A white trellis that matches the pergola design serves as a background for the kitchen. A large oval black metal medallion is set off against the white trellis.

The Modern Backyard Kitchen
The modern backyard kitchen has a more clean, simple look. Concrete pavers make a nice floor space for the kitchen and dining area.

A black iron table to seat 8 with red cushion chairs. Candles and red napkins provide wonderful accents.

If you have an outside wall coming out from your house, consider creating an “L” shaped cabinet. Paint the lower cabinets black and use stainless steel countertops.

Place another countertop on top of the bend in the “L” and bring it straight out from one of the counters. Place a shelf at the end that faces out. You have now created a bar space with a shelf for towels, dishes, or glasses.

Black metal bar stools with red cushions continue to carry the motif. Or you can match the countertops with stainless steel bar stools.

A grill, sink, small refrigerator, and any other appliances fit in and around the cabinets. Include drawers in the lower cabinets to store silverware, grilling utensils, and towels.

Lighting placed on the house will brighten this comfortable area at later hours.

The Rustic Backyard Kitchen
This kitchen features wood and stone. Imagine walking across large, flat-cut raw stones to your backyard kitchen pavilion.

The wooden pavilion features large wood corner pieces, which support an open beam ceiling and roof. A fireplace sits at the back of the pavilion.

The front corner of the pavilion has an “L” shaped bar that the corner post sits on. The bar features natural rectangular cut stones. The counter has a polished stone.

The stainless steel sink and cooktop are in the side of the bar that faces away from the seating area. A grill sits between the bar and the fireplace. A wood rack is next to the fireplace.

Black steel cushioned bar chairs sit at the bar. Lanterns hang from the rafters to provide a warm light. Potted plants in ceramic pots site around the area to color.

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Has this article piqued your interest and provided outdoor kitchen ideas for your backyard paradise? What about incorporating lighting into your landscape to bring the night to life? Continue exploring our site today for more fun ideas.

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