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May 1, 2018

Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

Do you want a backyard oasis of your own? Achieve this with an outdoor kitchen setup!

Having an outdoor kitchen is a luxury you want to take advantage of. Transforming your backyard into an outdoor kitchen setup will drastically improve your quality of life.

Imagine always having the perfect place to entertain guests or just relax on your own.

The following information will help you create an outdoor kitchen of your own:

Stoves, Grills, and Ovens Create A Backyard Oasis

Your outdoor kitchen and backyard oasis should always have ways to cook food. The stoves and grills are one of the components that make it an outdoor kitchen.

You can either use a wood-burning stove or a grill. You can also get an electric stove or pizza oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Make sure you buy top-notch outdoor kitchen stoves and grills. These things have to be able to withstand the elements on their own.

You can cook all kinds of food with stoves and grills. These cooking mediums will also fill your backyard with yummy scents that will make the neighborhood drool.

A grill, stove, or oven isn’t the only thing your outdoor kitchen needs:

Outdoor Refrigerator

What’s a kitchen without a refrigerator?

An outdoor refrigerator is one of the most helpful things you can have. Not only does it give you extra storage space for food and drinks, but it also makes your outdoor kitchen complete.

With an outdoor refrigerator, you can store food and beverages for when you’re chilling outside. This minimizes your need to run inside and get something.

Your guests will also appreciate the convenience of an outdoor refrigerator. You can let your guests help themselves to drinks and food you store inside of it.

Outdoor Sink

Every kitchen needs a sink. That includes your backyard oasis.

An outdoor sink is something else that’s helpful for creating an outdoor kitchen/backyard oasis. It gives you a place to wash your hands and fetch water for recipes. You can also easily grab a glass of water to drink.

Getting a sink installed might cost money, but the value you’ll get out of it is worth it. If anything, it’s an extra place to wash dishes and use a functional sink.

You’ll also need water to water your garden. This brings me to my next point:

Your Garden: The Key To a Backyard Oasis

Adding lush greenery to your backyard oasis will make it seem more natural and fantastic.

Use ivy and clinging plants to create a wall of greenery. This will also create shade on sunny days.

Let your garden be part of your backyard oasis. That way, you get to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature along with the conveniences of modern technology.

Plant herbs and different flowers to fill your outdoor kitchen with more beautiful scents. You can use the help of a residential landscaping company or plant them on your own.

Plus, if you plant herbs, you can use them for cooking. That way, if you want to use an herb for cooking, you simply go out to your garden and harvest it. Fresh-picked herbs not only taste better, but offer more medicinal value than dried, processed, and packaged herbs.

You can decorate your garden with gnomes, fairy statues, gemstones, and other backyard decorations. Feel free to go crazy with the pink flamingos! Decorating your garden will make it seem more lively and majestic.

People will want to be in the outdoor kitchen when you have a lush garden. Fortunately, there’s a way to accommodate them:

Ample Seating

Your backyard oasis and outdoor kitchen should have plenty of seats. That way, you can accommodate yourself and your guests.

You can experiment with different types of seating. Cushions are especially comfortable for chairs. You can keep your outdoor cushions indoors within the direct vicinity of your outdoor kitchen.

Wicker chairs and lounge chairs are outdoorsy yet comfortable. They also add to your backyard oasis aesthetic. They send the message that it is a place to relax, unwind, and share space with others.

Ideally, you should have enough seats to accommodate more than a table. This brings me to my next point:

Dining Area

Your dining area can make or break your backyard oasis. You want your dining area to be spacious and accommodate your family or guests.

The condition of your dining area makes a big statement about your outdoor kitchen. It shows how you intend to use the space and why.

There should be a spacious table with plenty of seats. Again, cushions can do wonders for comfort and you can keep them inside when it rains.

Feel free to use a centerpiece to give your dining area an especially spectacular feel. It makes your table feel like a good place to gather. However, there’s something else you can use as a place to gather:

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace makes your outdoor kitchen seem more comfortable and appealing to visitors.

Having a fire pit or outdoor fireplace gives your outdoor kitchen a majestic feel. Fire is also fun to gather around on summer nights.

There are endless ways to bond over a fire. You can roast marshmallows and make s’mores with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. You can also get together with your friends and tell scary stories.

Be sure to always have water or a fire extinguisher nearby when lighting a fire. It also helps to have newspaper ready if you want to increase the size of a fire.


Having an outdoor bar will bring your outdoor kitchen to the next level. What’s more refreshing than enjoying some drinks outside?

With a bar, you can have cocktail parties and serve drinks to your heart’s content. You don’t even have to serve alcoholic drinks.

Make sure your bar has adequate seating for everyone who wants to join in.

Be sure to stock your bar with cups, ice, liquor, and wine. That way, you and your guests have a choice of what to drink.

Your Outdoor Kitchen is Counting On You

Having an outdoor kitchen of your own will make your world a better place. People will want to be a part of this world.

Contact an expert to learn more about outdoor kitchens. You won’t regret it.

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