June 20, 2019

9 Amazing Backyard Design Ideas for People Who Like to Entertain

The backyard is an ideal space for entertaining guests. Make your get-togethers unforgettable with these nine backyard design ideas.

Do you love entertaining guests? A backyard is a wonderful place for it. Entertainers can fit various spaces in just one area!

You can have a lounge, a game space, a kitchen, and much more in your backyard. Check out these nine amazing backyard design ideas.

1. Pergola

A pergola is a great way to create an outdoor room that still lets in sun and fresh air. It’s a room you can either get pre-made or build it yourself. The advantage of building it is that you can decide how much light to let in from the rafters.

Pergolas can be a focal point of your backyard. They can be decorated with string lights, lanterns, vines, potted plants, or flowers. A sheet of fabric can block the sun if you prefer more shade.

You can utilize the space beneath a tree in your yard and put the pergola there. The tree will act as a roof.
Climbing vines and ivy will achieve this as well. Wisteria and roses can, too, but they do require more care and help to get up the vertical beams.

There’s a style of pergola out there for you! They can be made from metals like steel, different kinds of wood, brick, stone, or PVC. The most common wood materials used are teak, cedar, mahogany, and redwood.

2. Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a popular choice for backyard recreation. It’s for both kids and adults to enjoy at get-togethers. Pools are relaxing, fun, and a good workout for the body.

An in-ground swimming pool is a great investment for entertaining. Comfortable or reclined chairs can be placed alongside the pool for an additional lounge area.

Hot tubs up the relaxation factor and can be separate or connected to your in-ground pool. Another option is a sauna, which tends to be less expensive than a hot tub. It’s also easier to maintain.

Wash off the pool water or the heat of the day with an outdoor shower. This eliminates the need to go inside and hop in the shower. You can stay outside and quickly rinse off.

3. Outdoor Kitchen/Bar

An outdoor kitchen allows entertainers to move the party out of the house and stay with guests. The space is open, so you have the freedom to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Add a dining table to bring everyone together for meals or a counter that partially borders the kitchen. It can serve as a place for guests to relax and chat with the host, eat, or have a drink. Consider going all out and making the counter a nearby outdoor bar.

Having a grill outside ends the problem of a smoke-filled house. You also don’t need to worry about the house getting hot or open flames.

4. Clubhouse

Create a luxury area and build a clubhouse. It’s pretty much a patio with a roof, but it can feel like your at a resort. Clubhouses provide shade while letting in sun from the sides. Guests can still enjoy the outdoors and escape the hot sun.

A clubhouse gives your house another living room. If it’s big enough, you could fit an outdoor bar or kitchen under the roof, too.

Other options for outdoor buildings are yurts, gazebos, and pavilions. A yurt is like a large, insulated tent. It’s great to use in hot and cooler months.

A yurt has a range of uses. Entertainers can make it a living room, dining room, or even a guest room. You can camp out in your backyard and still feel comfortable!

Gazebos are usually smaller and give your yard charm. They can be left open so you can feel the fresh air.
Screens will keep out the bugs. Glass windows or panes are for extra protection. Gazebos are available in bigger sizes that can fit all of your guests.

Pavilions also offer shade, but they require a fair amount of yard. If you’re limited on space, a small pavilion can house a simple table, couch, or lounge chairs. It doesn’t have to have a full living or dining room to be impressive.

5. Fire Pit

Bring everyone closer around the fire when it gets cooler out. Fire pits are places to sit and leave your worries behind. There are many types of fire pits you can install.

You can go fancy and make it the highlight of your backyard. Give it log or stone benches instead of regular chairs. Try out a stone fire bowl or stick with a metal or stone fire pit.

A nice addition is a few side tables made from logs. Flat-surfaced stones can act as both tables and seats.

If campfires aren’t your style, upgrade your outdoor living area with a fireplace.

6. Landscaping

Make your backyard a sight to see with lush landscaping. Go further than a few potted plants and transform your yard into a garden.

It can be a bit overflowing, but still, look managed. A second idea is to make it clean-cut or symmetrical, such as a traditional English garden.

This kind of garden can have an open space with pathways surrounded by all sorts of plants. Hedges can be used as borders around a path or a chunk of the garden.

Get creative when designing your garden. Think about the colors you prefer and the feeling you want guests to have.

You can put a fountain in as the focus of your yard. They’re not only stunning, but the flowing water sounds relaxing. Amplify the sounds of nature and hang up some wind chimes.

Man-made ponds are a more natural choice and you can put fish in them. Koi ponds are very popular.

7. Outdoor Games

With all this relaxation, shouldn’t there be activities to counter this? Set aside a space for outdoor games. It’s possible to optimize it for multiple games.

You and guests can use the same area to play bowling, badminton, golf, bocce, ring toss, bean bag boss, and more! A hard surface or very compact sand will work.

This separate area lets people choose if they want to join in the fun or stay in relaxation mode.

8. Deck

Decks and patios extend the living space of your home. Patios keep everyone in the yard together. Decks give more separation from whoever is in the yard, which some parents may be looking for.

A large deck or patio can potentially hold a living area, dining area, and an outdoor kitchen and bar. This would leave the rest of the yard open to anything.

Maybe turn it into a big garden with pathways, install a pool and lounge area, build an outdoor theater, or use it for games.

9. Outdoor Movie Theater

You no longer need to go inside for a movie marathon. Keep the party in the backyard with an outdoor movie theater. All you need are seats, a projector, and speakers.

You can make a screen or project the movie on the side of your house if it’s a light color.

Use These Backyard Design Ideas

Entertainers can do so much with their backyard to make it a beautiful space. They can make it more functional as well with an outdoor kitchen. Don’t be afraid to add a place for fun games.

Backyards can be exciting, an oasis, and stunning all at once. Use these backyard design ideas to transform your yard and impress guests.

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