7 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
May 18, 2023

7 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for NJ Homeowners

An outdoor kitchen is a game-changer for cooking, hosting, relaxing, and making the most of your backyard during New Jersey’s blissful outdoor seasons. The best part is that you can design your own ideal outdoor kitchen to your exact specifications and preferences with a landscape designer like High Tech. We’ve built all sorts of outdoor kitchens for homeowners throughout NJ, with each project taking its own design direction and customizations based on the homeowner’s vision for enjoying the luxury of cooking outside. Here are some fun themes that show what’s possible and attainable with our award-winning landscape design team:

1. The Grill Station
Having a grill is nice. Having an entire grill station will take your grilling to the next level. Something as simple as a secured grill with built-in counter space on each side can unlock the efficiency and convenience of an outdoor kitchen. The counters can be just a few feet, or they can wrap around to make your grill station even more glorious so you can go all-in on one of the healthiest ways to cook virtually anything and everything.

2. The Pizzeria
New Jerseyans know our pizza is every bit as good, if not better, than New York’s. Enjoy a different pizza every day of the week with an outdoor pizza oven—yes, we can build that. Of course, it’ll take some practice to become a pizza pro, but the process is relatively easy and highly rewarding, especially when you’re out in the fresh air rolling dough, spinning pies, and sprinkling toppings. Since pizza making is a little more involved, you’ll likely want a sink, definitely lots of counter space, and maybe a refrigerator to complete your outdoor pizza kitchen.

3. The Kitchen Extension
An outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be its own separate setup from your indoor kitchen. If your home has a door from the kitchen directly to the backyard, both kitchens can complement each other so you can cook and dine inside or out depending on the weather. This is another good use case for a grill station. And sometimes, simply having a second fridge and freezer outside is nice for stocking up on your go-to groceries.

4. The Private Patio
If you’ve ever experienced the wait times for patio dining at popular NJ restaurants in spring and summer, you know how much of a buzzkill the crowds can be. Imagine having an outdoor kitchen as part of your patio, so you can invite your friends and family for private patio dining with no wait list or line. High Tech builds kitchens, patios, walkways and more, so you can hire one NJ landscape professional to do it all.

5. The Pool Bar
If you own a pool, High Tech can help turn it into an entire poolscape complete with flowers, foliage, hardscaping and, yes, once again, an outdoor kitchen. This effectively makes your pool a resort-style pool bar that will leave your guests envious of your outdoor lifestyle. With any hardscaping, material selection is important, especially when the feature is going to be exposed to pool splashes in addition to the elements. We typically build outdoor kitchens with paving stones, granite, and other durable materials that can stand up to any weather, humidity, and water.

6. The Year-Rounder
Hear us out — fall in NJ can be as much of an outdoor season as summer in its own brisk way when you embrace the change, and winter can even be an outdoor season too on days that aren’t dreary or completely freezing. For those who can at least somewhat agree, an outdoor kitchen is your year-round reminder to spend more time outside whenever possible. For an all-seasons outdoor kitchen, consider adding a pergola and perhaps retractable awnings to create an enclosure and block any cold wind.

7. Your Idea Here
The best outdoor kitchen idea of all is yours! We’ve provided the inspiration. Now, it’s time to use your imagination. Outdoor kitchens are completely customizable, and with High Tech, the design process is enjoyable as we combine your vision with our recommendations to build the best outdoor kitchen for your wants and needs. Contact us to get started.

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