May 19, 2020

6 Summer Landscaping Trends Making a Splash in 2020

Nothing says summer like fresh-cut grass and new landscaping. Let’s dive into the hottest landscaping trends of the new year!

With summer quickly approaching, let’s start focusing on your home’s landscaping. Spring has sprung and with it, plenty of flowers, plants, and healthy grass have grown back as well.

Now is the time to discover the latest landscaping trends if you are looking to improve your landscape. If you want a landscape that’ll catch all of your neighbors’ attention, it’s time to finally say goodbye to brown and dried out greenery.

With proper landscaping design and maintenance, you can have a yard that you’ll be proud of and want to spend the majority of your summer in. Prepare your grills, backyard activities, and continue reading below.

Here are six summer landscaping trends that are making a splash this year!

1. Low-Maintenance Designs

Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, one thing is certain: you want something low-maintenance. No one wants to walk outdoors only to notice that their plants have begun to wilt or dry out. This summer, more and more people are leaning towards low-maintenance plants and flowers for their yards.

With a low-maintenance design, you don’t have to worry as much about keeping up with it, and you can focus more on enjoying the scenery and time outdoors. Don’t confuse low-maintenance with dull or boring, though.

Choose lots of foliage with plenty of colors and mix in a few low-maintenance flowers as well.

2. Plants With Jobs

If you’re going to place plants and flowers in your landscaping, then why not have plants that help the landscape as well as make it look beautiful? Find plants that, aside from their good looks, also offer a nice smell, food for pollinators or yourself, mosquito repellent, or cooling effects.

You can place scented flowers along your walkways or in areas where a nice breeze usually hits. Growing plants that provide food for your family is great because you get tasty fruits or veggies, and they look neat when they’re growing!

If you have a lot of heat hitting a certain side of your home or building, you can use certain types of plants to help provide shade. If you have an issue with mosquitoes, then consider planting a few mosquito repellent plants. Your landscaping professional will know which plants to use and where to plant them.

3. Multi-Season Designs

There’s a focus on creating an amazing landscape for the summer months, but why not create a multi-season landscape design that you can enjoy all year? You can achieve this by having your landscaper plant certain trees and shrubs that’ll provide you with a beautiful yard all year-round.

Homeowners are also focusing on adding awnings, outdoor heaters, fire pits, pergolas, and other outdoor features that create a space that can be enjoyed throughout each season. Certain features can also be included to ensure you can enjoy your yard no matter what the weather conditions are.

Imagine being able to sit outside under a weather-resistant pergola or awning during a rainstorm.

4. Hardscape Patterns

Your hardscape is another thing to consider. You’ll want to think about where you want your pathways and walkways to be placed, but you should also start thinking of designs for them as well.

Pavers and bricks can be laid in a way to create a variety of patterns. This is a great way to take something like a brick walkway and give it a softer look with a basket-weave pattern or something else. Find a pattern that’ll work well with the design of your home and incorporate it into your hardscape.

5. Hidden Light Features

Lighting is another aspect of your landscaping design that you don’t want to forget. Lighting plays a big role in keeping you safe and creating a beautiful night landscape. What you should take into consideration, however, is how the lighting is placed within your landscape.

You don’t want bulky light fixtures bringing down the aesthetics of your design. This is why your landscape could use hidden light fixtures. You can use planters with lights built into them, or you can install lights around the edges of your walkways hidden under plants or rocks.

When the sun goes down, your lights will turn on and light the way to your door, eliminating any tripping concerns. You can choose from LED lights and even solar-powered lights to save energy and money.

6. Smart Watering Systems

You have a smartphone and smart home features. Now, you need a smart watering system! A smart watering system works in similar ways that other smart home devices do.

Think about all the times when your sprinkler system is running while it’s raining or recently rained. Times like these are when a smart watering system comes into play. You can set it and control it from your phone, which saves you money and water.

Which Landscaping Trends Does Your Yard Need?

Is your yard in need of any of these landscaping trends? Consider some of these or use them as inspiration for your summer landscaping design ideas. When you’re ready to get started or ready to start brainstorming, be sure to give the professional landscapers a call.

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