May 5, 2017

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper for Your Spring Gardening

New Jersey yards and home gardens come to life in May. After all, it is called the Garden State (although there’s more to NJ’s name than a mere nod to its beauty and bounty).

Gardening is a fun pastime for many homeowners, and we would never want to take that away from you. However, many people do their spring planting themselves simply because they feel like they have to. If spring planting feels more like a chore to you and you’d rather be out doing other things, here are six reasons to hire a professional landscaping company to do the work for you.

  1. Spring in NJ is Too Beautiful to Miss
    One of the best parts of spring is looking up and around. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and there are bright blossoms in every direction. Spending all of May with your head down in the garden is like going to a concert and putting earplugs in as soon as the band hits the stage. The season’s beauty lasts for a very small window of time–don’t miss it!
  2. The Weather is Perfect for a Jog
    Speaking of a small window, how many days a year in NJ are comfortable for outdoor exercise? Most of the flawless days in our region–the ones where you could run for miles through a park or along a river–happen in spring. Once summer comes, it starts to get too hot and humid for casual joggers. Lace up your running shoes, and let us take care of your landscaping.
  3. It’s Not Just Planting That Takes Time
    Gardening entails much more than planting. There’s choosing the right fertilizer, plants and tools, plus the actual logistics of your garden, such as sunlight vs. shade. Even if you love spending time in the garden, you are investing hours in stores and online just to get to the point of planting.
  4. A Landscaper Will Maximize Your Budget
    Do you know which plants and products give you the most “bang for your buck?” A landscaper does, and will take pride in helping you find every opportunity for savings. Oftentimes, a simple suggestion from a pro can negate the cost of hiring said pro.
  5. Summer Brings a New Set of Chores
    Your garden changes with the seasons, and by the time you’ve completed your spring gardening checklist, summer arrives with a whole new to-do list. Do you really want to spend all of spring and summer in perpetual work mode? Winter is inevitable, but there’s no reason to make it come sooner by letting the warm seasons pass you by.
  6. We Bring Spring to You
    You shouldn’t have to work your way to a blissful spring in your backyard. At High Tech Landscapes, we take pride in bringing the colors of spring to families across the Garden State. Learn more about our residential landscaping services.

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