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May 8, 2018

10 Landscaping Trends for a Fabulous Garden

Just as interior design trends come and go, landscaping trends also move with the times. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or revitalize your yard, keeping up with this year’s trends will help you get the most out of your outdoors.

Here are 10 of our favorite trends in landscape design to get your garden looking it’s best in 2018.

    1. Wildlife First
      People are becoming savvier to the effects of human urbanization on the environment. With that knowledge has come a push towards more sustainable, more environmentally friendly landscaping trends. Designing your garden with your local wildlife in mind doesn’t just add to the ambiance of your yard it can also help combat some of the effects of human settlement on the landscape. Pollen-rich plants and flowers can help native bees in your area thrive. They’re also a source of sustenance for native birds and butterflies.Including a pond or other water feature in your landscaping plans is also an excellent way to encourage wildlife into your area. Water sources provide a focal point for environmental growth. They’re also an excellent addition to take your garden from beautiful to stunning.
    2. Edible Gardens
      Just as we’re turning our focus to ways we can make our gardens more sustainable, we’re also looking at ways we can exist sustainably ourselves. Edible gardens are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your grocery bills. Garden owners are learning it can be incredibly rewarding to keep up a small edible garden, planting various fruits and vegetables that make it direct from your garden to your plate. Landscaping trends that incorporate edible gardening practices are all the rage right now, adding not only charm to your garden, but also a sense of personalization and accomplishment.
    3. Vertical Gardens
      As space becomes a luxury in urban areas our gardening ideas are getting more and more inventive. One of the hottest gardening trends right now is the vertical garden. Planters that reach for the sky, either as an indoor feature or an outdoor conversation piece. The most important factor to consider when planning a vertical garden is irrigation. Even the hardiest of plants still need regular, controlled waterings. Vertical gardens also provide the opportunity to get creative with your plantings. Plants can be homogenous but there’s also the opportunity to arrange different species in different patterns.
    4. Outdoor Living Spaces
      Outdoor kitchens and dining areas have been growing in popularity for a few years now but 2018 is sure to see the trend explode. Outdoor living spaces are the best way to make practical use of your garden. After all, you’ve spent the time, money, and effort maintaining your garden, why not spend as much time soaking up the ambiance as you can? These external living spaces are also an excellent incentive to have friends and family over. Cramming everyone into the dining room is a mission of the past.
    5. Fire Pits
      Speaking of living outdoors! Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to keep their outdoor area comfortable through the cooler months. If you enjoy socializing in your garden then a fire pit is a must have in 2018. Varying price points contribute to their mass appeal making this a landscaping feature that’s well within everyone’s budget. As well as keeping you warm and adding ambiance to a space, some fire pits can also double as a coffee table, making them useful even during the summer months.
    6. Landscaping Trends Moving Indoors
      Indoor plants have been in Vogue for a while now but their popularity isn’t slacking off. Succulents, ferns, and other indoor greenery get our increasingly indoor lives a little more in touch with nature. And it’s good for us! Studies show that exposure to nature scenes can decrease stress and make people more affectionate and friendly. It’s little wonder then that major tech companies like Google and Facebook are embracing the indoor plant lifestyle.
    7. Increased Privacy
      As our cities get busier our drive for a little solitude is getting ever more creative. Landscaping trends that help us create an oasis from the outside world are all the rage right now. Hedges and creative fencing can help create a little solitude in an increasingly busy world. Dense foliage and feature walls are also being creatively employed to close in smaller gardens and create a cozy atmosphere. Making landscaping decisions for increased privacy also serves to make one’s house safer and can even increase property prices if employed correctly.
    8. Lawn Reduction
      As trends shift toward sustainable gardening and a focus on local wildlife, the traditional grass lawn is shrinking. Instead of large stretches of grass, people are planting more gardens and paving those areas frequented by people. This serves a double purpose of increasing the sustainability of one’s garden and keeping down tedious maintenance cost. The smaller the lawn, the less mowing needs to happen, after all.
    9. Ambient Lighting
      Gone are the days of environmentally cumbersome fluro lights basking your back porch in blanched light. Landscaping gurus are making the most of ambient lighting and the various creative ways to achieve it. Strip lighting under steps, bench tops, and seating is particularly popular. The savvy application of solar LEDs is also a great way to increase your garden’s energy efficiency.
    10. Dogscaping
      More and more homeowners are opening their homes to fuzzy family members and landscaping trends are starting to reflect that. Dogscaping is the act of landscaping with a dog’s wants and needs in mind. Designated potty areas, fenced in spaces, and shady rest areas all become essential features of one’s garden. Some owners are going so far as to design water features that will double as canine drinking fountains.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Out with the old and in with the new! 2018’s trends are all about sustainability, environmentalism, and creature comforts in an increasingly hectic world. Any of these 10 trends will keep your garden ahead of the crowd and a creature comfort unto itself.

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