September 01 2018


Approximately 180 species of bright, beautiful, flowering plants make up the Aster genus, which once included nearly 600 species before the North American species were split into a separate genus. Derived from the Greek word meaning “star,” this star-shaped flower is one of the most popular in gardens across the U.S., thanks to its combination of color and hardiness.

An aster plant can grow as tall as 8 feet, making it ideal for borders and privacy. Aster prefers full to partial sun, with moist but well-drained soil and a layer of mulch. Plant aster in early spring for a fall bloom with one-of-a-kind shades of violet, magenta and yellow.

Did You Know?
The many Aster species in North America fall under two main types: New York and New England. New York aster is typically a little taller and thicker than its New England counterpart.

Other Fun Facts About Aster

  • Aster symbolizes patience and love.
  • The aster is related to the sunflower; you might draw this conclusion alone by its yellow center.
  • Some aster flowers are used to treat migraines.
  • Aster is the birth flower for September, making it a true fall flower.