November 02 2016
winter frost

Winterize Your Landscaping: The Plain and Simple Checklist

As the first frost of fall gives way to the first snowfall of winter, New Jersey homeowners can protect their lawn and garden from the freezing temperatures ahead with basic winterization. Here is a quick and easy-to-follow checklist from High Tech Landscapes, one of the top landscaping companies in New Jersey and the entire U.S.

Winterizing Your Lawn
Winterizing your lawn is a relatively easy process. To prepare your lawn for winter, do the following, in order:

  • Conduct a soil test to measure the level of potassium in your grass.
  • For cool-season grasses, spread a winterizer fertilizer (available at just about any home improvement store or garden center).
  • Fall fertilization is not ideal for warm-season grasses because it fuels growth, which will only be damaged by freezes.
  • Apply cool season grass seed.
  • Break up any clumps of soil with a rake.
  • Water the lawn.
  • Fertilize again after a few weeks if needed.
  • Rake frequently to remove debris and thatch buildup.

And remember, although you will see some results for your labor throughout winter, you’re primarily nurturing your lawn for next spring and summer.

Fall Garden Care
Your garden needs some winter preparation, too. Don’t forget to complete these steps:

  • Remove dead stems and leaves on annuals and vegetables.
  • Remove any weeds.
  • After the first freeze, apply a thick layer of mulch to protect topsoil.
  • Consider covering your plant beds with burlap.
  • Shelter your shrubs and trees with the correct products, such as shade cloth for shrubs and wire for trees.

Residential Landscaping Services
Every lawn and garden is different, particularly when it comes to the various plants and vegetables you might have. To ensure your landscaping is as healthy as possible going into winter, it’s best to consult a professional landscaping company like High Tech. Click here to learn more about our residential landscaping services.