September 01 2017
Winterize Your Irrigation System

Top Reasons to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Closing, or “winterizing,” your irrigation system is a crucial step in protecting your landscaping from New Jersey’s cold winters. This essentially means removing all water from your pipes and sprinklers, and should be done well before freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Why is it so important to winterize your irrigation?

Avoid Damage

If your system is not winterized, the damage can be costly. In the dead of winter, as frost seeps deeper into the ground, frozen backflow can cause pipes and valves to burst. This can also lead to broken sprinklers, and ultimately, a flooded lawn come springtime. Depending on the location of the sprinklers, the damage can threaten the exterior of your home, as well as your garden and/or basement.

Even a small backflow that freezes over will usually require a pipe replacement, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Sprinklers above ground are particularly susceptible to frozen temperatures, and will spout water when cracked. Frozen pipes underground are more difficult to detect and usually result in an unpleasant surprise when the sprinklers are turned on for the first time in spring. All in all, taking the time in September/October to close up your irrigation is a relatively simple task that can save a world of heartache.

Part of Your Overall Winterizing

Irrigation isn’t the only part of your landscaping that needs to be winterized. Don’t forget about your garden!

Most homeowners follow our winterization checklist to keep their lawn and garden healthy. With a complete to-do list for fall, there is no reason to neglect your irrigation. Trust us when we say that winterization is not an overly time-consuming process.

We’ll Winterize for You

Winterizing your irrigation system takes only a few steps. However, many NJ homeowners call on High Tech Landscapes to ensure that it is done properly, and quite simply, to save themselves the hassle.

Preparing your landscape for winter is a job that we take great pride in. After all, it’s the bliss of spring that makes the Garden State such a great place to live. Don’t wait; before you know it, the first frost will be on its way. Contact us today to schedule your irrigation closing and any additional winter preparation you might need.