Urban Gardening – Greening a Small Space

_So you love plants and you appreciate greenery. But you live in an apartment building or townhome and do not have yard space for a garden. Well, a trend that has been in place for a while now is urban gardening. You don’t have to live out in the countryside to be able to nurture certain plants and foliage and Green Up your home in a wonderful way!
Many methods and structures (furnishings) exist to support urban gardening. Everything from basic window boxes to shelves that widen your window ledge, multi-leveled plant stands that go from floor to ceiling and hold several pots, vertical wall boards that greens can grow out of, and much more. When you go online you will see many pictures and ideas. (Pinterest is a great source). You can also ask us, your local gardening professional, for ideas!

Some urban gardeners hang their plants upside down in a window. This can be an effective way of growing herbs for cooking, and ornamental or decorative plants.  Vines can be trained to climb up an indoor trellis or wall. (You may have heard of or seen “living
walls”  in hotels or office buildings or even restaurants, where there are many plants and ivy-type vines covering a wall. It can be truly beautiful.)

Of course when choosing the plants to grow on your balcony or window ledge, you need to consider the amount of light that reaches that area, which you can discuss with us when you purchase your plants.  You also have to be realistic regarding how often you will water your plants. Some people are better at caring for plants than others. If you know you will sometimes forget, then you should try to purchase plants that don’t need watered as frequently and are more hardy.

By placing shelves across your window, or hanging plants from above the window and placing some on the ledge, you can actually grow quite a few different plants – you’ll fit more pots than you thought you could. You can experiment to see what grows best. If you plan to put some plants beside a window and not directly in the window—such as on a tiered shelf on the wall, or a corner stand, you can choose low-light houseplants. In the summertime, you can actually build a plant shelf on the outside of your window and enjoy a lovely variety of herbs, decorative plants or even vegetables. Of course when
the weather turns cold in the fall you will bring these plants inside. There is a very cool contraption called a rope and pulley herb garden that you raise and lower at your window.

People have gotten very clever with urban gardening and come up with creative, ingenious ways to grow plants in and around their city homes. Get your own creative juices flowing and sketch something out. Then come and talk to us. We would be happy to help you plan the best way to add greenery to your home, which is good for the air, good for your mood, good for everyone! Plants make people happy!

PS – We will talk more about urban gardening and growing things
in small spaces in a future article.