The Cactus Plant – Resilient & Versatile

Cactus is a type of plant that really does not receive enough credit. Not only can this plant grow both outside and inside, they are a great accent to almost any porch or backyard in
the summer. Known for their ease of care, cacti are considered stem succulents,and are mostly grown in pots. However, the larger species of this plant are grown in soil – and can be too spacious for indoors.

It is believed that the first cacti were introduced to Europeans by Christopher Columbus as early as the 15th century! Although there is some controversy around this exact date, many native tribes of Brazil, the Aztecs, and also Mexican natives depicted cacti in
drawings 12,000 years ago, which mean that they would have had to be established beforehand.  As of 1753 there were 22 species named, and today there are around 2,000.

Cactus can survive in the driest of conditions due to their spines that can store water for years! The way that this works is that while many plants open their pores (Stomata) during the day, cactus open theirs at night. By opening their pores at night they are at less
of a risk of warm temperatures and water evaporation due to sunlight. Then,
while most plants would produce their sugars at night, this fascinating plant
has the ability to do so during the day to complete photosynthesis. Talk about
adaptations to overcome adversity!

Now, if you are looking to add some cacti to your plant collection they can really be a great addition. If you forget to water them for several days, no worries. If you travel for work you
should make this your ornamental plant selection. Not only are they low
maintenance but you have the option to move them to different parts of your
home in the winter, and then outdoors for the summer. Here are some of the most
common types found here in the states:

Golden Ball

Perhaps the most common type of cactus grown indoors in the United States, the Golden Ball cactus are just like their name- perfectly shaped circular thorns. They grow in clusters, and are most used as decorative houseplants. Maybe this is because this type of cactus
actually does not do well with direct sunlight. Some will grow pink or white
flowers at the top, which add to their visual appeal.


If you do not want to put any time into a plant look no further than the Pincushion cactus; they really need no pampering at all. Carrying both flowers and cactus fruit, the popular
Pincushion cacti are fleshy and tubular. This plant does need direct sunlight
and low humidity, so consider this when planning the placement of this “cute”
cactus plant.

Cereus Peruvianus

A larger type Cactus, the Cereus Peruvianus will grow quickly without much maintenance. You will need a very large pot with air holes in the bottom for ventilation will help this plant thrive. Really, the beautiful white flowers that grow with this type will be a
great addition to any space that you choose.

Cacti can be great conversation pieces. You can adorn them with strings of beads or white lights. You can placeSouthwest style knick-knacks around them or in the pots themselves. They really are enjoyable, and we can help you make the best selection for your home.
Perfect for a sun porch or sunny breakfast nook!  So, make the non-commitment and pick up a new cactus today. You will not be disappointed and will be amazed as you watch this
plant grow with so little of your time invested.