Allaire Country Club Estates

As we wind down another season here at Allaire, I would be remiss if I didn’t stop to tell you what an amazing job High Tech has done for Allaire this past year.

Brian has won the respect of the board and homeowners alike by his professional, prompt attention to all of Allaire’s landscaping issues/needs/concerns. As we know, people are more likely to complain that compliment. However, in Brian’s case, Brian bucks the norm. and there are no shortage of “fans” here in Allaire (myself included) who call and praise the way Brian and his team handle the landscaping here in the community.

Darryl Elder further compliments Brian’s outstanding work and we have been thrilled by how quickly Darryl has addressed any and all of our irrigation issues. It was not easy to sell the board on wrapping the community’s irrigation needs back into our landscaping company (they had used Anderson Hoyt for the past several years) because of disasters we had with that in the past. However, High Tech shined bright once again and has shown the value of having all of our services wrapped together under the High Tech umbrella; with both the board and owners alike all being very impressed by the outstanding workmanship throughout the season.

The community looks FABULOUS and I am constantly stopped by people telling me how pleased and proud they are of the beautiful way Allaire’s landscaping is maintained. Realtors repeatedly comment how easy it is to sell a home in Allaire once a person drives up to the gates and sees how lovely everything always looks.

In today’s world, where tomorrow is never guaranteed, I thought it important to stop what I was doing and tell you what a phenomenal job your team has done this season and how we are looking forward to many more years to come with High Tech.

On behalf of Allaire Country Club Estates, we thank you!!