March 31 2017
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More from Rossmoor: A Second Letter of Praise

Awhile back, we shared a commercial landscaping testimonial from Rossmoor, the sprawling, 400-acre active adult community in Monroe Township, NJ. We were delighted to receive a second letter of praise, reading:


Thank you for all your help. It is a pleasure working with Jeff; he is a team player who is willing to listen to advice, yet still speaks his mind about our snow procedures. Jeff has already come up with several ideas that I feel benefit both High Tech and Rossmoor.

It’s working as a team that really makes the job go smoothly, and even though we still have glitches occasionally, I enjoy working with my supervisors and Jeff to find solutions. 

I frequently rely on Jeff to bounce ideas regarding our snow removal process. He has quickly become an asset to Rossmoor both in landscaping and snow Removal, and I am sure that in the past year, he has proven himself to be an asset to High Tech. It certainly shows that he has received some very good guidance through the years to become the great project manager he is today.”

More Than Landscaping
From an award-winning landscaping company to an award-winning community, we can’t thank our friends at Rossmoor enough for their partnership. To maintain a site as beautiful as Rossmoor goes beyond landscaping and into the community as a whole. We look forward to our continued success together.

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