September 21 2015

Protect Your Sprinkler System–Winterize It!

Your sprinkler has served your landscape well over the years, but that will only continue to ring true if it is properly maintained.

All sprinklers need regular maintenance, but as a New Jersey resident it is vital to ensure that yours receives it. Harsh winters and hot summers create varying conditions for the irrigation system, so proper maintenance—especially winterization—is critical.

Winterizing your sprinkler system ensures that it’s always working most when you need it, and that it is not permanently damaged. Avoid repair costs when you hire a sprinkler technician to winterize the system. The technician can prepare the irrigation system to function efficiently all year round.

Proper winterization also ensures that any frozen water in the pipes cannot damage the system. Catching inefficiencies or damages before they progress is will allow you to receive the most value from your irrigation system investment. Many people do not possess the know-how or experience to do this properly or completely, and therefore leave the system to fend for itself.

Year-Round Sprinkler Care for Your Home

With reasonable contracts to meet your budget, High Tech Landscapes will make sure your entire sprinkler system is cared for so you can enjoy worry-free landscaping. Opening the sprinkler in the spring and inspecting it thoroughly during the year allows us to maximize your investment. Don’t leave out winterization, though—that’s just as important as a regular inspection.

Winterizing the system involves more than just blowing out the water with compressed air. Often times, people try to winterize a sprinkler system themselves and do not reach all of the water in the system, which means it could become damaged or inefficient. Our experts can prepare the entire system for inevitable snow and ice. This way, it will be ready to green up your lawn once warmer temperatures return.

Give your sprinkler system complete, professional maintenance without breaking your budget. For more information, click here or call (732) 356 4975.