September 21 2015
fall landscapes

Prepare Your Yard for Autumn

Fall weather is slowly creeping its way back in, bringing cooler temperatures and rain. Irrigating your home’s landscape may be less of a regular job now, but it’s still a good time to pay attention to your lawn, beds and trees.

Getting Grass Ready

Before you ready the rake for leaves, use it to remove moss that grew in the summer, and consider aerating the lawn. Also, if you have not tested your soil in a few years, you may want to buy a kit.

Autumn is an ideal season to grow grass, especially in the Garden State. The soil is still moist and fairly warm so grass can easily grow. Prepare your lawn now for next spring and summer—don’t wait until that first nice day in March or April to begin!

Ready for the final mow of the season? When grass stops actively growing, cut cool-season grasses to 2½ inches in height, and trim warm-season grasses from 1½ and 2 inches high.

Maintaining Beds Before Winter

During the fall, encourage plants in garden beds to remain dormant—do not prune them, but it is okay to trim. Many people cover lass hardly plants with burlap to protect them from direct exposure to snow and ice.

Lots of people seem to pull out the mulch in the spring, but fall mulching is actually the way to go. When you put a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch over beds, it can protect plant roots from winter frost and retain moisture.

Taking Care of Trees & Leaves

The Farmer’s Almanac says that inland locations in New Jersey will see leaves peak between Oct. 12 and Oct. 28, while the Jersey Shore will see leaves peak from Oct. 19 to Nov. 4. After that, prepare for the cleanup!

It’s smart to take a look at trees in and around your yard during the autumn. Heavy snow and ice can spell disaster for trees that are on the brink of falling. Look for areas where leaves are not growing or bark is peeling. Also, mushrooms, carpenter ants and conks at the base of the tree could point to rot or decay. Any of these signs can indicate that the tree is not in good health, and may warrant a visit from a tree service company.

Ready for Rain?

Fun fact: According to the current Farmer’s Almanac forecast for Central New Jersey, September’s precipitation will be 1.5 inches below average, and 1.5 inches above average in October. Did we mention it’s an ideal time to clean out gutters before winter’s chill—and ice—get in the way?

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