Mike W

Mike came to High Tech at the end of 2013 to help run the Branchburg Headquarters’ Lawn Maintenance Division. Mike’s landscaping career began is the early stages of his High School life and his passion continues to today. He moved on to attend college at SUNY Cobleskill in NY graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology as well as Landscape Contracting. During college he worked summers doing hardscape installations and interned with Control Environmental Services doing upsale installs and lawn maintenance. After college Mike started working at a large NJ landscape company as an Enhancement Manager. This soon moved him into a Lawn Maintenance manager position. Mike appreciates every element of his job but loves the creativity aspect foremost. He appreciates the ability to transform something from ordinary into something that can stand apart from the rest. Having a hard work ethic is something he prides himself on. This helps to ensure that his client’s needs are always met. When he is not working hard for High Tech you can find him spending time with his family, watching sports or playing golf.