August 01 2016
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NJ Summer Gardening: 5 Essential Tips From High Tech

Early summer is glorious here in New Jersey, especially for gardening enthusiasts. But once the heat and humidity settle in, the “dog days” can do major damage to your garden. Don’t let a heat wave ruin your backyard’s beauty and bounty–here are the five most important gardening tips for summer:

Be Vigilant with Watering
You might have guessed that watering is especially important in summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean watering your plants more or even more often. It’s all about watering them more thoroughly and saturating the soil at least 6 inches deep. For additional watering guidelines that will help your garden beat the heat, read our previous article on summer watering tips.

Keep Your Soil Healthy
While organic material is defined as being in the process of decomposition, organic matter is fully decomposed. As organic matter helps your soil retain nutrients and water, you should allow for up to 10 percent organic matter during summer by fertilizing properly and controlling erosion. Learn more about organic matter from non-profit plant science and agricultural organization, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.

Use Mulch
Organic mulch, such as shredded wood trimmings or grass clippings, can also help with soil and plant health. Like organic matter, mulch helps plants to retain more water. When the summer sun is beating down on your garden, mulch can also help to keep your soil cool and moist.

Create Shade
When there is high heat and minimal cloud cover in the forecast for several days at a time, you might consider investing in shade cloth to shield your plants from the sun’s intensity. Shade cloth is available at just about any home improvement store, and comes in a variety of styles offering different levels of shade.

Wind and ventilation can pose challenges when using shade cloth, so when adding any new plants or crops to your garden, try to place them in an area that gets some natural afternoon shade.

Tame Nutsedge
Nutsedge, also called nutgrass, is a perennial weed that can quickly destroy your lawn and garden in summer. While special products can help initially, nutsedge’s tiny nutlets grow deep in soil, making it difficult to truly get rid of. Lawn nutsedge can usually be at least somewhat contained by mowing to a higher height. However, garden nutsedge requires more involved care. If nutsedge is wreaking havoc on your garden, it’s best to call a landscaping company.

Need Help with Your Summer Landscaping?
Even if you love gardening, you probably have plenty of other summer activities that you enjoy partaking in with your family. High Tech Landscapes is here to handle all of your gardening and landscaping needs, so you can soak up summer in New Jersey without sacrificing a healthy garden. Click here to contact us today.