September 22 2015
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Make Your Property Winter-Ready

News from High Tech Landscapes

  • High Tech Landscapes is excited to announce our latest development project at Rossmoor in Monroe, N.J. The contract covers lawn maintenance and snow removal at one of the largest active adult communities in the Garden State. Rossmoor spans 418 acres, and has more than 2,300 manors and 3,000 residents.
  • Visit High Tech Landscapes at the upcoming Community Associations Institute conference. We’ll be in Booth 425 at this event on Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, N.J.

Leaves are falling, and that means snow is not too far behind. Is your building ready for the winter? The first freeze is coming up quicker than you may realize, so it’s a good time to start prioritizing what has to be done to prepare your commercial landscape for cooler temperatures.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your building’s landscape for another New Jersey winter:

Look at the Lawn

Autumn is the perfect season to patch up any bare spots and aerate the lawn. In fact, it’s best to do lawn care in the fall instead of waiting for spring. Is your grass looking healthy after the hot summer? If not, you may want to consider planting some new seed or see if the lawn can use fertilizer. Cold-season grasses go dormant in the cold Garden State winters, which is why fertilizing them now can help them store energy for spring and come up healthy.

When it is time for the final mow of the season, cut cool-season grasses to 2½ inches in height, and trim warm-season grasses from 1½ and 2 inches high.

Appreciate the Foliage—then Clean It Up

Leaves are already toppling to the ground. It may look pretty, but if you have too many leaves around it can make a property look sloppy—not to mention create a falling hazard. Wet leaves can make the lawn, walkways and parking areas slippery. And they can trigger allergies. This is why regularly clearing leaves is a smart idea.

While you are working on the leaves, take a peek at the trees around the property. Is bark peeling from any of them? Have leaves not grown or fallen from certain areas? Do you see any dead limbs? Are there funky mushrooms growing around the base of the tree? These can all be signs that a tree is dying or rotting. Consulting an arborist is a smart move if you notice any of those things. If the tree has to come down, you will be able to remove it before the weather becomes too cold—or before heavy snow and ice cause it to fall.

Don’t Neglect Garden Beds

Trim any plants, but do not prune them because the plants need to go dormant for the winter. Cut back perennials so they bloom bigger and better in the spring. Depending on the shrub, it may lose a lot of moisture over winter and may do best with a winterization treatment.

Thinking of waiting until spring to add a fresh coating of mulch to the beds? Don’t! Fall is a good time to do this because it can protect plant roots and provide moisture to them.

Think Water

Don’t forget to winterize the sprinkler system. Many property managers pay a lot for these systems for their communities, and they require a little attention before the weather begins to fall below freezing. Remove moisture from the system and cover the back flow preventer. Hard freezes could lead to broken pipes—and that’s never good for a landscape not to mention a business!

Don’t have time to manage your landscaping? High Tech Landscapes offers commercial landscaping services in New Jersey that fit into just about any budget. For more information, click here or call (732) 356-4975.