March 06 2018

The Easy-to-Follow Spring Irrigation Checklist

De-winterizing your irrigation system is one of the earliest signs of summer. During a warm and mild spring, it can even be done as early as March or April. Because winter can leave your sprinklers clogged or even frozen, you can’t just turn on the water and expect everything to run smoothly. Here is a quick checklist we use to ensure your irrigation system is not damaged when activated for the first time after the cold weather.

First, we’ll want to check to see that all control valves are closed. Then, we can open the main water valve, followed by additional zone valves, slowly. If the valves are opened too fast, there could be a surge of high pressure, resulting in a clanking noise called water hammer.

Sprinkler Heads
Winter can do a number on sprinklers, especially if they were clogged at all when they were winterized. Aside from clogging, they have a tendency to get misshapen, worn or covered by debris. To avoid runoff or poor coverage, we need to do a walk-through of all sprinkler heads and filters to correct any potential issues.

The pump is what keeps your system running. If we notice that it is not working, or is shutting off unexpectedly, we definitely need to solve the problem before we move down the list.

System Parts and Functions
All of the mechanics in your sprinkler system should be investigated during de-winterization, including:

  • Controller
  • Timer
  • Rotation
  • Rain sensor

Think of this as a full tune-up, not just a quick checkup. You don’t want to go into summer with a broken part that could cause leaks or a system failure, as even a minor problem can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Leave it to the Pros
Again, slowly and methodically is the key when it comes to opening your sprinklers for spring and summer. Since there are so many components involved in a sprinkler system, it’s best to have a professional landscaping company like High Tech winterize and de-winterize your system for you. Paul Cernuto and his team have been helping New Jerseyans enjoy beautiful surroundings since 1986, when he founded the company out of school. Learn more about our irrigation services in NJ, and call us at 732-564-7074 to schedule your irrigation opening in time for summer!