Designing an outdoor living space

Many of our clients dream of a beautiful outdoor living space but just don’t know where to begin.  Designing an outdoor space starts with understanding how you wish to use your backyard.  Your backyard should be a reflection of your lifestyle.  As experts in this arena, we’ve provided a few ideas and tips to assist in designing a fantastic area you’ll wish to enjoy year round:

Increase your shade: planting large fast growing trees is an option to creating a cool and enjoyable outdoor space, but there are other ideas to consider as well.  Introduce an elegant gazebo or if you’re style is more on the modern side, erect a canvas awning to add a little color and important shade.

Lighting is key: what a waste of valuable real estate if you can only enjoy your backyard oasis in the daytime!  Often times, we meet with clients that possess a clear picture of how the outdoor space would look during daytime hours but have not considered the night time view.  Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive but it is essential.  When High Tech Landscapes, Inc.  designs a night time effect, we take note of seating areas, play areas and pathways.  Show off your beautiful landscape with different lighting options: Solar, String, Rope, Step, Umbrella, Floodlights/Spotlights, In-ground

Plan for seating: where will everyone sit at your next party?  Pulling together mismatched and plastic furniture for guest seating is one option but imagine having a large built in seating area that allows guest to sit, chat and move around your entire backyard space with ease.  No chairs to move, no bleaching and scrubbing chairs and a virtually maintenance free idea to accent your beautiful home.

Begin the vision: get started creating your solid plan with your own pictures.  It’s amazing that the more you look for beautiful ideas, the more you begin to notice they are right in front of your eyes.  Use your smart phone as a way to start your own outdoor gallery and capture beauty at the grocery store in the floral section, take a picture of a plant you love in your neighborhood, take a picture of a patio or front porch you admire in your trip to the office or while running your errands.  No matter what the inspiration, High Tech Landscapes, Inc works to put those ideas in the ground.

Planting ideas is our specialty.