Flowering Trees

December 01 2020
know your plants Stewartia


Looking to bring some flower power to your landscape? The Stewartia genus has up to 20 species of gorgeous shrubs and trees. Most of them are from Asia and common throughout North America. Perhaps the most popular is the Japanese stewartia, which has ornamental bark to complement its summer flowers. Most stewartia plants prefer acidic […]

August 03 2020
know your plants Magnolia


If you’re considering planting a flowering tree—whether, for curb appeal, privacy or shade—magnolia is an excellent and iconic choice. Though synonymous with the south, magnolia trees can be found all over the U.S.—even as far north as Maine. Out of the eight species of magnolia that are native to the U.S., six are deciduous and […]

April 15 2019
know your plants pear tree

Pear Tree

When summer scorchers are hanging on into fall, who wouldn’t want a pear tree in their backyard? Pears can be harvested in New Jersey from August to December, which means you can have a delicious and nutritious snack ripe for the picking nearly half of the year. There are two types of pear trees: fruiting […]

April 15 2019
know your plants PurplePlum

Purple Leaf Plum

An ornamental plant is one that is grown primarily for aesthetics, which the purple leaf plum tree delivers in elegant fashion. Also known as cherry plums, purple leaf plum trees are known for their deep maroon leaves, paired with white and light pink flowers in early spring. Plant a purple leaf plum tree in full […]

March 18 2019
know your plants Crapemyrtle

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle, also sometimes spelled like the thin pancake, crepe, is a staple of Southern charm that can be found up the Atlantic Coast as far north as Massachusetts. This flowering tree boasts bright summer flowers and equally impressive fall foliage. You can find crape myrtle trees with flowers in varying shades of pink, purple, […]

May 11 2018
know your plants fringe tree

Fringe Tree

A fringe tree can be a fantastic addition to a New Jersey landscape. Native to the southeastern U.S. and able to grow just about anywhere in the country, fringe trees typically blossom in early spring with fragrant white flowers. Deep green leaves last through summer, giving way to bright yellow foliage in fall. Fringe trees […]

May 11 2018
know your plants ForestPansyRedbud

Forest Pansy Redbud

The Forest Pansy Redbud is one of the most spectacular flowering trees you’ll find. In early spring, it bursts to life with bright shades of purple and red, slowly changing to a lush green in summer. Then, in fall, the colors return, this time in the form of fiery yellow and orange hues. One of […]

August 01 2017
cherry blossom

Flowering Cherry

Flowering cherry trees are so distinct that they have become synonymous with spring, particularly in Washington, D.C., where the National Cherry Blossom Festival rings in the arrival of spring each year. Cherry blossoms come from the genus, Prunus, and are usually followed by small cherries that attract birds in summer. Unfortunately and unlike the cherries […]

August 01 2017


Flashy, subtle and sentimental all at once, the flowering dogwood is one of New Jersey’s most beloved trees. Dogwoods are a popular choice among homeowners because they are deciduous and look great year-round – from bright white and pink flowers in spring, to lush leaves in summer, rustic red foliage in fall, and finally, what […]

August 01 2017


Like a tree full of bright bouquets, hydrangea blooms brilliantly from late spring to early fall. The Hydrangea genus includes nearly 100 species that can be found all over the world, including right here in New Jersey. But make no mistake, it’s rare to find a tree so compact–hydrangeas only grow to about 8 feet, […]