SEASONAL VS. ANNUAL FLOWERS – beautifying your garden

Now that the summer sun has arrived and you may be doing some planting in your lawn and garden, it is very important to know the difference between the types of flowers that you are looking to buy. This article shares suggestions for annual flowers and perennial flowers and gives you some tips about each! […]

March 15 2013

Sun or Shade – which plants to use: Part Two

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the best plantings for shady areas. If you have a sunny yard, congratulations! Gardening in sunny spots is easier because of the huge variety of plants that grow well under sunny conditions. In the previous article, we went over some of the factors to consider when […]

January 19 2013

What Causes Snow?

Every winter, we watch our once green grass wither and turn brown and all the leaves fall off our shrubs. When we look out our window at our lawn, it does not look very pretty. That is—until the first snowfall.  Along comes some winter snow and blankets our lawn, bushes and trees in white. So […]

December 31 2012
winter hiking

Enjoying the Outdoors – Even in Winter

Let’s face it—cold weather and snow make us want to stay indoors. Sometimes it seems like a shame to have a big yard, front porch, or outdoor courtyard—and only use them in warm weather months. Here we share some ideas for enjoying the outdoors in cold weather and some cold weather activities that can bring […]

December 12 2012

State Tree and State Flower – New Jersey

You may love New Jersey, but do you know the state tree and state flower off the top of your head? Interestingly enough each one of the 50 states in the USA has their own official tree and flower; among other official things like the state bird. For the most part, each flower and tree […]

November 30 2012
winter safety

Safety This Season

Winter weather takes its toll on grass, trees, plants and animals. But it can also be hazardous even to us humans. We enjoy being out in the cool crisp air and we still need to stay active in the wintertime. We may even need to occasionally do a little bit of yard work and preventive […]

November 28 2012
landscaping cost

Cost Saving Tips

Plan Now for Less Work in the Spring and Summer – and less expense! So you would like to improve your landscaping but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend. There are things you can do to improve your lawn and other landscaped areas around your home without breaking the bank. We give you […]