Know Your Plants

November 15 2017
know your plants Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums–better known simply as “mums”–are a staple of fall in New Jersey. In fact, they are arguably the most popular flowers in the world (perhaps taking second place only to roses). The name “chrysanthemum” comes from Greek “chrysos” (gold) and “anthos” (flower). However, the plant originates from China, where it was cultivated as a flowering […]

November 15 2017
know your plants OrnamentalKale

Ornamental Kale

Looking to bring some color to a stark winter landscape? Look no further than ornamental cabbage and kale, colorful cousins of two produce aisle mainstays. Ornamental kale can withstand most New Jersey winters, so long as we don’t see record snowfall and single digit temperatures for an unusually long period of time. Homeowners love ornamental […]

August 01 2017
cherry blossom

Flowering Cherry

Flowering cherry trees are so distinct that they have become synonymous with spring, particularly in Washington, D.C., where the National Cherry Blossom Festival rings in the arrival of spring each year. Cherry blossoms come from the genus, Prunus, and are usually followed by small cherries that attract birds in summer. Unfortunately and unlike the cherries […]

August 01 2017


Flashy, subtle and sentimental all at once, the flowering dogwood is one of New Jersey’s most beloved trees. Dogwoods are a popular choice among homeowners because they are deciduous and look great year-round – from bright white and pink flowers in spring, to lush leaves in summer, rustic red foliage in fall, and finally, what […]

August 01 2017


Like a tree full of bright bouquets, hydrangea blooms brilliantly from late spring to early fall. The Hydrangea genus includes nearly 100 species that can be found all over the world, including right here in New Jersey. But make no mistake, it’s rare to find a tree so compact–hydrangeas only grow to about 8 feet, […]

June 22 2017


Hosta, also known as the plantain lily, is a flowering shrub originally from Eastern Asia. It is very low-maintenance and produces beautiful, watercolor-like foliage, making it a mainstay in gardens across New Jersey. There are more than 40 species of hosta, with approximately 2,500 cultivars of various sizes, textures and leaf shapes.  The lighter your […]

June 22 2017


Viburnum is a large flowering shrub that is most known for its fragrant flowers and pretty berries. Viburnums belong to the Adoxaceae family of moschatels, and can be evergreen or deciduous. There are more than 150 species of viburnum, some of which can grow as tall as 20 feet. While viburnums are beloved for their […]

June 22 2017
knockout roses

Knock Out® Rose

Everyone loves roses, but unless you’re a gardening pro, they can be difficult to maintain. In 2000, Milwaukee rose breeder William Radler changed the history of rose gardening when he introduced what would become the world’s bestselling rose, the Knock Out® rose. Home gardeners love Knock Out roses because they are extremely easy to care […]

May 09 2017


Azaleas are flowering shrubs that burst with color in May and June. They belong to the Ericaceae family, commonly known as the heath or heather family, in the wooded plant genus, Rhododendron. With 16 species native to the East Coast alone, azaleas are one of the most popular garden plants in New Jersey. And that’s […]

March 31 2017


One of the most rewarding bulbs in gardening, the tulip belongs to the genus, Tulipa, in the lily family, Liliaceae. Tulips come in just about every color imaginable, and similarly to roses, each color means something different. Red tulips are a symbol of true love, while yellow tulips are associated with cheerful thoughts. To bring […]