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Know Your Plants

October 01 2018
know your plants SangoKaku

Sango Kaku

Standing out among the fall foliage and subsequent winter drab is the Coral Bark Japanese Maple, known for its nearly-neon red bark color. Bright green leaves in spring and summer turn an equally brilliant yellow in fall, making for an extremely aesthetic contrast. Coral Park Japanese Maple is also known as Sango Kaku. We’ll tell […]

October 01 2018
paperbark maple

Paperbark Maple

The paperbark maple is one of the most graceful trees you will find. As it ages, its bark peels like paper—thus the name—to reveal fresh new bark. It’s as if the tree is forever young. Classified scientifically as Acer griseum, this medium-sized maple is native to China and began to gain popularity in North America […]

September 01 2018
know your plants pansy 1


At the top of any fall flower list, pansies are delicate in appearance yet sturdy in their ability to withstand winter. In fact, they actually prefer cold weather over the heat and humidity of summer. Pansies belong to the Viola genus and are sometimes referred to as violas themselves. Their flowers are characterized by bright […]

September 01 2018
know your plants aster


Approximately 180 species of bright, beautiful, flowering plants make up the Aster genus, which once included nearly 600 species before the North American species were split into a separate genus. Derived from the Greek word meaning “star,” this star-shaped flower is one of the most popular in gardens across the U.S., thanks to its combination […]

July 19 2018
know your plants OrnamentalGrasses

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grass makes a lovely, year-round addition to any home garden. There are many different types of ornamental grass, including feather, fountain, forest and reed grass. Most ornamental grasses are relatively easy to care for and will change in appearance with the seasons. They typically bloom in spring, maintain their aesthetic appeal through late fall […]

July 19 2018
know your plants RussianSage

Russian Sage

Looking to add a soft pop of lavender to your garden? Look no further than Russian sage, the flowering perennial known for its distinctive, pastel-purple bloom from summer into fall. Russian sage is one of the easiest plants to grow, requiring very little water and capable of withstanding the harshest elements of every season up […]

June 19 2018
know your plants Andromeda


With a light, sweet fragrance and showy spring bloom, andromeda is a no-brainer for any home gardener seeking year-round interest. This evergreen shrub bursts to life in spring and summer, holding its flower buds even through winter. Andromeda belongs to the Ericaceae family and has many different cultivars. When planting andromeda, be sure to use […]

June 19 2018
know your plants ButterflyBush

Butterfly Bush

If you like the color purple, you will love having a Black Knight butterfly bush in your backyard. Prefer another color? With more than 140 species of butterfly bushes in the Buddleia genus, there is probably one for you. This fragrant shrub is one of the easiest plants to cultivate and one of the fastest […]

May 30 2018

Globe Blue Spruce

With the scientific name, Picea pungens ‘Globosa,’ the globe blue spruce is a low-lying, needled evergreen shrub that gets its name from its circular shape. The blue spruce species is native to the Rocky Mountains and also known as Colorado spruce. While blue spruce trees can grow over 150 feet tall in their natural environment […]

May 30 2018
know your plants MontegomerySpruce

Montgomery Blue Spruce

The Montgomery blue spruce is almost identical visually to the globe blue spruce, with ‘Montgomery’ replacing ‘Globosa’ at the end of the scientific name, Picea pungens. The blue spruce’s natural habitat is in the Rocky Mountains, where it can grow to towering heights exceeding 150 feet! These trees are kept under about 60 feet in […]