September 22 2015

Add Air to Your Lawn with Core Aeration

Aerating your lawn is the key to building a truly healthy turf. At High Tech Landscapes, we use our Core Aeration service to loosen heavy, compact soils. This allows much-needed water and oxygen to reach the roots. The results are nothing less than spectacular…the entire lawn grows thicker and fuller because it’s healthy from the bottom up.

When we aerate in the fall, we recommend seeding during the process. Because dirt beneath the surface is loosened, seed finds a moist place to grow. And with fall’s cooler temperatures, it makes an ideal grass-growing time.

Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerating lawns can be turf-saver. Here are some signs that your lawn may be a good candidate for fall aeration:

  • The turf is made of fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, rough bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, or ryegrass.
  • The lawn has been heavily used in the summer, which can lead to further compaction so less oxygen and water can reach the roots.
  • Your home was a new-build. Often, the topsoil used on new homes may not be the best quality, and it may have been compacted by construction practices.
  • The turf was established by sod and has soil layering. In this case the finer soil that’s layered on top of course soil can disrupt drainage and lead to poor root development.
  • The turf feels spongy. Remove a piece of the turf going about 4 inches deep—if it has a thatch layer more than a half inch, it’s a good idea to aerate. (Thatch is the organic layer made up of dead and living grass, roots, and stems. It is often a result of organic matter not being able to break down.)

Aeration can be done manually, though it may be easier to delegate the task to a landscaper. A lawn technician can also assess if the turf can benefit from aeration, or if the turf needs other special care. If you try to aerate the lawn yourself, make sure the turf is damp but not drenched before you begin.

More Perks to Core Aeration

There are other benefits to core aeration. Fertilizer will absorb better, water will be mused more efficiently, thatch will break down more easily, and the lawn will be stronger to prevent diseases.

See how easy it can be to aerate your lawn. For more information, click here or call (732) 356-4975.