June 14 2012
window box

A Garden in Your Window: Part I :Choosing Flowers and/or Plants

Window boxes are a wonderful way to beautify the outside of your home but yet you can enjoy their beauty from the inside of your home as well. So what are the best plants and flowers for a window box? Obviously you would like to choose plants that are fairly easy to care for but also that look pretty.

Do you like vines and envision a plant that spills out over the side of your window box? Bacopa and calibrochoa (million bells)  will grow well and trail down to the ground if you do not trim them. Vinca vines can get really long and they are just gorgeous.

If you choose annuals for your window box, then you will be choosing new plants or flowers every year. Impatiens and petunias are popular flowers for window boxes because of their full blooms and bright colors. You can mix colors or go with one solid color depending on the look you want.

If you don’t want to bother with replanting your window box each year, you can choose perennials. One very pretty choice would be miniature roses. They come in so many different colors and everyone loves them. With these roses you must allow a few inches of space between plants. They need air to circulate around them or they can grow mold and mildew on them. You should also remove old blossoms when they die, which will result in new blooms.

You also need to consider this for your window and amount of sun that it will receive when you are choosing your plants or flowers. For smaller window boxes that will get a lot of sun, these are good choices: Gaillardia, daylily, dianthus, columbine, coral bells, and dwarf asters.  For a quite shady window box location, you can try violets or toad lilies.  Just a little bit of shade (intermittent shade caused by the house or nearby trees or objects)?  Try planting tiarella, lirope, lungwort or primrose.

You can also have an herb garden in a window box. This requires a bit more care and tending. But it can be nicely rewarding to have those fresh herbs for cooking. You can either have the window box outside for summer herbs, or year-round if you put the window box on the inside of your window. Of course the kitchen window is perfect for growing things like spearmint, basil, salon throw, chives or deal. In a future article we will cover herb gardens.

No matter what you plant in your window box we know that it will bring you great joy. They are a simple and lovely way to enhance your home. And if you are one of those people that likes figurines and statuaries, there’s certainly no law against putting a little statue in the box with your plants. : )

In our next article we’ll tell you just how to create a windowbox.