April 05 2016

5 Deer Resistant Plants for NJ Homeowners

As beautiful and graceful as deer are, they can absolutely destroy your landscaping. The deer population is vast, and especially active in the early months of spring.

If deer are treating your garden like a 24-hour diner, consider replacing your current plants with these 5 plants known for being deer resistant. Keep in mind that no plant is completely deer proof, and there will always be a “wait and see” element to any plant you choose.

This perennial brings pops of lavender and light blue to your garden all through summer. Even when the flowers are gone, the gray-green foliage still looks pretty. Deer hate the minty smell of catmint so much that they will even pass on plants they love if catmint is in the vicinity.

Humans love the flavor and aroma of rosemary, but deer don’t. Plant this herb in your garden and you can enjoy both the culinary and deer deterring benefits.

Golden Marguerite
Golden marguerite produces bright yellow flowers that evoke summertime happiness and are great for cutting. It’s a bonus that deer have shown to steer clear of its fuzzy leaves.

Sea Holly
For those along the coast looking to keep a Shore-inspired garden, sea holly is a great choice for sandy soils. We love sea holly because it looks nice and is easy to maintain. Meanwhile, deer are like, “No thanks.”

Virginia Bluebells
A staple of spring in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Virginia bluebells bloom with lovely blue-pink flowers early in the season. They won’t last quite through summer, but that’s because of natural dormancy, not deer munchies.

Need More Tips?
These are just a few deer-resistant plants. There are many more, and we’d be happy to provide further assistance in keeping your garden lively. Click here to contact High Tech Landscapes today for all of your residential landscaping needs.