Integrated Plant Healthcare Systems, Inc. (IPHCS)

understands that your property is like any other investment. It’s important to nurture so it continues to grow healthy and add value to your property. Our customized programs are designed to help improve and maintain the color, vigor and aesthetically pleasing quality of your lawn, trees and shrubs.

As an affiliate of one of New Jersey’s leading full service landscape companies, High Tech Landscapes, Inc., we have the methods and means to fully execute all landscaping issues at any time. After 15 years of service, our team of professionals can handle any given situation. 

Our Team: Certified as A NJ Fertilization Applicator, & Licensed as a Pesticide Applicator in 3A & 3B

Our team works with any property to ensure the well being of your property. It is crucial that no matter what season, your lawn, trees and shrubs are taken care of properly and given quality attention year round. IPHCS provides contracts that suit your needs. Having a contract takes all the stress and worries off your mind and allows our professionals to care and maintain your turf for optimal health and beauty. We understand your budget. Our customized contracts can aid in furthering your investment.

IPHCS continues to embrace environmentally friendly resources for a more natural way to effectively maintain your property. We pride ourselves on being innovative with our approach to prevent disease, increase growth and maintain your investment without harming the natural resources that surround it.


Whether it’s your home or your place of business, your lawn is the most important part of any landscape. It’s the soil that helps roots stay strong, the place children play and where you can be the host. When it’s lush, green and inviting, the curb appeal of your whole property is tremendous.

We Recommend a (6) Round Annual Program Integrating the Following Services:
Crabgrass Control
Broadleaf Weed Control
Insect Control
Grub Control
Lime Applications

Our staff will inspect your property and give you an analysis of your existing lawn and what we believe will make it the best and healthiest it can be. We work with you to stay within your budget and needs.


Along with your turf, your trees and shrubs are an important part of any property. Not only do they produce natural shade, clean air and even privacy, but also they add exceptional beauty. Our specialists can aid in the prevention of disease and insect infestation that cause damage to your trees or shrubs. It is important to monitor and control any issues to prevent any loss to your investment. We take every step possible to save and deter issues that may negatively affect your property. Every Tree is affect differently by disease, and most properties carry a variety of Trees.  This Specialty Health Care Program allows us to treat each Tree individually for a specific disease that may be affecting it.

We Recommend a monthly Customized Inspection Program:
Granular Fertilization
Possible Disease Control
Possible Insect Control
Horticultural Oil Applications

Antidessicant for broad leaf evergreen shrubs
Deer Repellent

With constant attention to the environment, we are now offering Mauet Micro injections to treat tall trees. Our staff takes every precaution to ensure the health of your trees, throughout the years. It is these steps that increase the value and protect your investment.

Specialty Programs and Services:

Our specialty programs and services can be added on, or purchased separately to give your property the most care and benefit in any season. We can help you decide which processes are right for your home.

Deer Repellent
Flea & Tick Control
Core Aeration
Slice Seeding
Soil Analysis
pH Balancing Applications

Servicing Properties Across the State of NJ:

Private Residences
Industrial Properties
Homeowner Associations
Commercial Properties
Retail Shopping Centers
Municipal Buildings
Parks and Recreational Facilities